E1 - Event Crew only info

Here you find all info you need as speakers and so on.

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Event info in this Video


1. Pre-record your talk, max 3 min per intro talker

2. Didrik has 20 min

3. Upload to Google Drive

4. Make a share Link that is "public", copy that link and send to "hello@familiax.com" ASAP

General information

  1. EVENT URL ON LINKEDIN: https://www.EntrepreneurCapital.live

  2. Starts Thursday 17 at 11am Silicon Valley Time (PST) and 8pm Oslo Time

  3. We have a ChatGroup in Linkedin "EC E1 CREW"

  4. My directnummber if something happens: 004748406086


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.