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Always look on the bright side: being an optimist can help you live longer



Feeling stressed? Read. Getting lost in a book can lower levels of cortisol, and other unhealthy stress hormones, by 68%.



Stress, physical or mental illness, living or sleeping arrangements, family history, shift work, diet and exercise habits can all contribute to insomnia. 



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Kari Ann Egeland
Co Founder

Head of Flow Norway. Professional coach, yoga&meditation teacher - Greener on your side/Grønnere på din side

“It is my experience that a lot of companies were caught off guard and ended up tending to practicalities and not people and their well-being when the pandemic hit.”

The technology was there for remote or hybrid working, and we have seen years of digital transformation in just a few months, but the same development in human focus and company culture is not yet there.


Me and Eduardo have been talking some years now, how can we create a way for the corporates to get the best aid possible in improving the wellbeing, lower burnouts, create overall a better working environment putting the people first.


We came too the conclusion that our friends we collaborated and worked with, experts in the field where not easy to find for the companies, so we came up with the concept of WellbeingProvider that would be a portal to find the best and approved companies and people in the industry.

Eduardo Ibacache Rodriguez, Wellbeing Investor & Co Founder

Human first. Digitala Expert, Writer, Speaker & Wellbeing Investor, Founder of EntrepreneurCapital

I am on a mission to HUMANIZE the Workplace and Leadership. After a burnout some 10+ years ago, when I was Entrepreneur, running a company that had grown with organic growth to 30+ employees, I started on a quest to find the answers "Why do people burnout?", "Why do not all big corporates understand the Power of Company Culture, and what really motivates people?", my research and conclusions I have done, talking with some of the top experts worldwide is now maturing into a book next year "The Digital Culture" and also, my investments will primary focus on Wellbeing startups with a team with trackrecord.

Kari Ann Hegeland has been a close person in my life for many years now, where we both align on the big picture and what needs to be done, to move the corporates into "The Future of Work" that means more focus on the human. So I am happy we have finally taken the step, to be a springboard for the best Wellbeing providers in the industry to reach the corporates world wide.

There is no single company that will take you to fullfill Wellbeing in all aspects to reach The Future of Work today, what we recommend is a combination of the most skilled an passioned companies that could aid you to reach that goal. This 5 stars are companies we have had a long relation with and would recommend any day of the week:

  1. "Auntie for actualling have a digital base for wellbeing"

  2. "Ipek Williamson Coaching a true coach of healing to handle traumas and avoid burnouts"

  3. "Flow - Meditation for Modern Life, taking your whole organization to modern wellbeing leve with an innovative solution"

  4. "Triad Leadership Solutions, coach your leaders to become Empowering leaderes of true Level5"

  5. "MindLab - A strong voice of Wellbeing@Work based on science and best practice" 

  6. "Davida Ginter - Burnout will not take you there"

Top 6 recommended Wellbeing companies Q2 - 2022

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